We believe that a grooming experience where a dog get’s dropped off at the groomer’s in the morning, gets bathed assembly-line style, put in a cage dryer to dry, then out to be groomed, and back into a cage for perhaps several hours next to other (barking and/or crying) dogs is a very stressful and unpleasant experience. So why not schedule your dog’s grooming just like you do at your own hair salon? This way you know your dog will be groomed at the appointed time, and (generally) will be ready to go home within two hours. Because dogs are happy and calm when it’s time to go home, pet parents tell us that it’s one of the reasons why they keep coming back to The Nosey Dog Pet Spa.
This is the ultimate grooming spaw experience! We want your pup to have a happy grooming experience, so we don’t use cages, crates or cage dryers. Our talented and caring pet stylists will take care of your pet from start to finish!

It all begins with a pet stylist consultation: tell us what you and your pup like and dislike, and what type of groom you prefer, such as breed specific, a puppy cut, a shaggy dog trim, Teddy Bear cut, or anything in between – your wish is our command!

Your dog will enjoy a relaxing lathering massage; we use all natural products to remove dirt, clean, and condition your pet’s coat and skin. After rinsing, we gently towel dry, by hand, to keep that relaxed “feel” going. We also use a hand blower, depending on your dog’s coat (thickness and length) to ensure your pooch is completely dry. Then a brush out, a scissor and/or a clipper trim on body, face and fanny. And yes, of course we’ll check and express anal glands if you would like us to! Our pawdicure includes trimming fur around the feet and between pads, and nail trimming or grinding.

To comply with Texas Law, and for safety reasons, we require valid rabies vaccination for dogs and cats. Please bring the Rabies Certificate issued by your veterinarian to your first grooming appointment. Or, if more convenient, we will be happy to call your vet’s office. Unfortunately, the “rabies tag” cannot be considered “proof” because it does not state the expiration date of the rabies vaccine.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice so we can reschedule that time for another customer on our Waiting List. At certain times, our grooming appointments are booked several weeks out, so when you call for an appointment, please feel free to ask us to put you on our Waiting List for an earlier appointment. We highly recommend making your next appointment when you pick up your pooch. This will help us get your preferred grooming date and time for the next time.
We ask that you pick up your pet no later than 30 minutes from the time you’re notified that your pet is ready to go home. We’ll give you a 15-minute “heads up” before your pet will be ready for pick-up. We understand that things may happen to delay your pick-up; we live here, too, and know traffic can be a nightmare at certain times of the day. When we call you, please let us know if you’re experiencing any unusual delays, and we’ll do our best to work with you.