Texas Blowout

Hair, hair, everywhere. It’s on the sofa, on the carpet, and tufts of it drift across the floor like tumbleweeds. Unfortunately, our furry best friends will shed. You can either grin and bear it. Or you can bring your pup in for a Texas Blowout!

It’s normal for dogs to shed; it’s a natural process that allows for loss of older and often dead hair so that new hair can grow in. Some breeds shed seasonally, “blowing” their winter coats when the weather starts warming up. Other dogs may shed all year.

Even if you don’t mind wearing a little fur on your clothes, deshedding your dog can offer both of you real benefits, including preventing painful knots and tangles, minimizing pet dander in the home, and even helping you catch signs of pet illness or parasites.

Our Texas Blowout includes shampooing and conditioning with special deshedding products to loosen dead and impacted hair, blow-drying with forced-air dryers and brushing to get all the loose fur off your pet.

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