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The Best Automatic Dog Ball Thrower For Play

Ball fetching is a familiar game played between dog owners and their dogs. However, if you want an easy playtime with your pet, you can try out the best automatic dog ball throwers. This automatic ball thrower machine saves you the time and energy you will use to fetch and retrieve the ball.

Additionally, getting the best automatic dog ball thrower helps to perfect your dog’s fetch skills. If you want to promote an active lifestyle for your dog to lose some weight, you can try playing fetch with it. The game is fun and beneficial in promoting training, mental stimulation, and independence. Thus, having a dog ball thrower that overcomes the limitations that stops you from achieving the above is a win for all dog owners.

It is even easier to operate an automatic dog ball thrower during play. You drop the ball into the opening of the machine. The machine then throws the ball to a distance between 10 to 30 feet. When looking for the best automatic dog ball thrower, be sure to buy one where you can adjust its throw distance to accommodate indoor and outdoor environments in fetch games. Also, you can purchase a portable machine that can use batteries while you are outdoors. When you are indoors, consider using an AC power cord.

The good thing about the automatic dog ball thrower is that; you can train your dog to play alone by fetching the ball and retrieving it back to the opening of the ball thrower.

Advantages of having an automatic dog ball thrower

a) You can play anywhere

Automatic dog ball throwers allow you to enjoy a fetch game with your dog at your convenience. You can set the machine to throw balls up to 8 feet for indoor activities. In addition, most of the automatic dog ball throwers have rechargeable batteries that enable portability for outdoor games.

b) Makes fetching game easier for you

You want to enjoy playing fetch with your dog without getting tired after a few throws. An automatic dog ball thrower lets you spend quality time with your dog during playtime by throwing the balls for you as you enjoy watching your dog fetch them.

c) Enables a hands-free pickup

Forget about straining your back while you play fetch with your dog. All ball throwers offer this feature, but an automatic one will serve you best because apart from dirtying your hands in picking the ball, you don’t need to operate it during playtime. Also, you save your back from frequent bending over to reach the ball.

d) Entertains your dog

An automatic dog ball thrower is suitable for entertaining your dog because it makes the game fun. If you want your dog to be more engaged in the game, you can add color to the balls or the thrower. You can launch the ball at various distances for a playful dog to stay engaged and entertained. It also fulfills the amount of exercise they require per day.

e) Requires minimal supervision during playtime

If you have a busy schedule and want to take your dog for an engaging playtime, worry less. The automatic dog ball thrower gives you an easy time as long as you have trained your dog on using it. Your dog can reload the machine on its own, saving you the time and energy you could have used in engaging the dog during playtime.

If the above advantages interest you, let’s get into the best automatic dog ball thrower that you should buy.


1. Petsafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Ball Thrower

If you are in search of a safety-based automatic dog ball thrower, then PetSafe is the one. The dog ball thrower only launches the ball when you or your dog are not in front of it. In addition, it comes with inbuilt motions sensors that can sense human and dog presence within a range of up to seven feet. The feature helps prevent possible injuries as the launcher pauses for 5 seconds when motion is detected.

This automatic dog ball thrower has a launching range and an angle adjustment settings knob for optimal performance. With an adjustable distance settings option, the launcher throws the ball from 8 to 30 feet range. It then offers a six-angle setting adjustment option that makes playing convenient for both indoor and outdoor. In addition, Petsafe automatic dog ball thrower has a resting feature that allows the dog not to exhaust itself from playing. It powers down for a 15 minutes rest duration after a correspondent 15 minutes of fun time engagement.

The PestSafe automatic dog ball thrower uses ordinary tennis balls and comes with a prepacked pair of balls, a user manual, a power cord, and training instructions.


  • It comes with a warranty of 6 months.
  • It prevents injuries with its 7 feet motion sensors.
  • It does not exhaust the dog through play.  ,5
  • Runs on both AC and DC.
  • Has a carrying handle.


  • It is expensive to purchase.
  • Its batteries wear out fast.

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2. ifetch Interactive ball launcher



When it comes to design, the ifetch automatic dog ball thrower takes the lead. The ball thrower has a sleek design that gives it a firm grip on the ground. It is also lightweight, with a tilted top that enables the dog to drop the ball from the back to avoid injuries. iFetch dog ball thrower has an adjustable launch range that suits both indoor and outdoor activities.

It varies its launch distance from 10-, 25-, or 40-feet range. It comes with three mini tennis balls made of material that is gentle on teeth. It operates on 6D rechargeable batteries so that you can carry them along for your pet’s gaming adventures.


  • Has sensors that protect the dog from harm.
  • Has adjustable launch range to suit indoors and outdoors.
  • Has internal rechargeable batteries that encourage outdoor fun.


  • The balls are not composed of durable material.
  • It does not use regular-sized tennis balls.

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3. GoDogGo Fetch G4 Dog Automatic Ball launcher

The GoDogGo is among the first original ball launchers since it has been around since 1999. The G4 is the current version of the GoDogGo fetch machines that work with standard-sized tennis balls. The machine has few features that make it unique; it has a bucket design that enables you to load as many balls as possible. The balls come out at intervals, or you can use remote control.

It also features a Safety Arc design that shoots the balls high up in the air instead of directly to your dog to avoid hitting the dog. The high arc feature makes it an excellent fit for outdoor play instead of indoors. Unfortunately, the machine does not feature a rechargeable battery, but this should not spoil the fun of playing with it outside since you can power it with an AC adapter or 6D batteries.


  • Bucket designed to allow fitting in of many balls at once
  • Varies in shooting time
  • Safety arc design shooting that prevents your dog from getting hurt
  • Has a remote control for easy ball shooting


  • Not suited for indoors because of the high shooting.
  • Does not have a rechargeable battery
  • Its power settings are hard to adjust

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4. iDogmate Big dog ball launcher

iDogmate features are an advantage to both big and small dogs. The dog ball thrower comes in two sizes; a large one accommodates 2.5″ tennis balls and a small one that can launch 1.5″ mini balls. The dog thrower has four throw range distances: 10FT, 20 ft, 40ft, and 50 ft. It can launch balls the farthest, making it your consideration if you have an energetic and playful dog.

It comes with a remote control to enable you to control it from afar.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Available in two sizes to fit all types of dogs
  • Has multiple distance settings.
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Has rechargeable batteries


  • The ball thrower is big and bulky.
  • The remote control is easily damaged

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Factors to consider when buying an automatic dog ball thrower

a) The size of your dog

Different automatic dog ball throwers have different sizes of tennis balls used in play. When researching on the best automatic dog ball thrower, go for the ones that suit your dog because a smaller ball for a big dog may be a choking hazard, while a giant ball for a small dog will be hard for it to grip.

If you have a big dog, go for iFetch, iDogmate, and GoDogGo because these brands sell large versions of their automatic dog ball throwers that can be beneficial to you.

b) Is It for an Indoor or Outdoor activity?

Most automatic dog ball throwers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. In some of them, you can find a battery operation choice or Ac power. These options can favor you to go for outdoor activities with your pet without worrying about power shortage.

The distance the dog ball thrower throws the ball to is a factor to consider when playing indoors or outdoors. If you are interested in playing with your pet outdoors, then you might consider a dog ball thrower that shoots at a longer distance. You can also choose an adjustable distance setting in your machine that makes it convenient for small spaces indoors like your backyard.

c) Automatic Dog ball thrower Suitable for training

Your main aim of buying an automatic dog ball thrower can be to train the dog to return the ball into the thrower by itself. If that is your goal, consider a ball thrower with a large ball chute to make it easier for your dog to place the ball back.

You may want to go for GoDogGo brands because they have large ball chutes compared to other brands and are often used to train efficiently. Another thing to look out for is sound. Some dogs get anxious or nervous when they hear weird noises; this may affect their training since most dog ball throwers make some sound. If your dog is one of those, look for a quiet dog ball thrower to ensure your success.

d) Cost to quality

While looking for a cost-friendly automatic dog ball thrower, put in mind the quality you want. Most automatic dog ball thrower’s prices vary from one to another depending on quality. You can get an automatic ball thrower even for less than $100 but question its reliability. We all know cheap is expensive. A quality automatic ball thrower may vary from $100 to $200. However, this is a reliable product that has received a lot of recommendations.

e) Dog energy level

The type of dog ball thrower you choose should align with the energy of your dog. For example, an energetic dog will require an automatic dog ball thrower because it can play on its own for maximum exercises. In this, consider the energy levels of your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions on Automatic Dog Ball Throwers

1. Can I use a regular tennis ball on my machine?

Using a regular tennis ball may work depending on the dog size and the size of the machine too. Surprisingly, some machines do allow the use of tennis balls. If your machine permits using a tennis ball, go ahead so long as it does not pose a risk of choking your dog.

2. Can my dog play with the automatic dog ball thrower unsupervised?

No matter how busy you are, never leave a dog unsupervised with a toy. Some brands may state on their packaging that it is ok but don’t. Nevertheless, you can leave the dog playing by itself with minimal supervision if you are around the premises.

3. Can I Use the dog ball thrower on other pets?

You might be worried if other pets like cats might enjoy the game or if the machine is suitable for them. The truth is some cats like Siamese find this game enjoyable since they usually are playful. If your cat is keen on fetching, you can try them with this dog ball thrower.

4. Is it easy to train your dog to put the ball back in?

It is effortless to train your dog to put the ball back in the chamber. All it takes is patience, time, and regular exercise. Any dog can grasp the procedures of fetching and returning the ball., so don’t worry about the type or size of your dog.

5. How long does the machine retain its charge?

Different models retain their charge at different levels. For example, the models with rechargeable batteries can last up to 300 to 1000 throws without charge.