Slopehill Dog Training Collar for Maximum Versatility

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Dog training collars are necessary for curbing your pet’s behavior, but you need well-made ones to train your dog efficiently and successfully. 

Slopehill dog training collar is a perfect choice if you are looking for a choice with long-lasting battery life since nobody wants a dog shock collar that needs juice. It works with dogs of all sizes, and it’s easy to use thanks to the adjustable training modes. 

The Slopehill training collar has a little bit of everything that one could be looking for in the ideal dog collar. It will instill discipline and structure in your pet without exposing it to insufficient measures. Dive in to learn about all the features and benefits you will get from using this collar.


1. Performance

Slopehill dog training collar has four training modes that offer maximum versatility when performing progressive reinforcement training. If you have used a training collar before, you will enjoy this product’s versatility. 

The training dog collar comes with a remote and three training modes, which can support three dogs training with one remote transmitter. In addition, you can control all the receivers and send the same command using one remote simultaneously.

Your training collar’s Rec-1 and Rec-2 recording keys can record a four-second-long voice command. For example, you can record your voice saying commands such as “Quiet” or “Stay,” and the receiver will play when you press your play key.

2. Comfort

Slopehill dog training collar is made with skin-friendly materials that are super comfortable for your dog’s skin. 

In addition, the collar has a soft silicone covering all the contact points, which guarantees your dog will be comfortable all day long. However, some people think that the electric shock is unsafe and will cause some type of torture.

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This dog shock collar doesn’t cause any long-term or short-term injuries like most collars. However, dogs may be surprised by the shock, which will make them focused and feel a brief discomfort. 

3. Adjustability

The Slopehill dog training collar has four adjustable training modes with large adjustable levels. In addition, the vibration and shock modes have 0-99 levels that allow you to tailor your simulation levels to your dog’s behavior and comfort.

This means that you can use the vibration setting to get your pet’s attention before using shock training mode. Alternatively, you can use a beeping mode for the people who prefer the shock function. 

In addition, the adjustable collar has a length of about 8 to 26 inches, which makes it a perfect fit for dogs weighing between 5 and 140 pounds. 

4. Wireless Range

The training collar supports wireless control up to 850 yards which is very convenient, especially when training your dog in the backyard, park or an open space. In addition, the Slopehill shock collar allows you to enjoy your training time. 

5. Value for Money

Although this Slopehill dog training collar may be expensive, it offers you great value for your money. It has a long wireless range, four training modes, long battery life and sturdy construction, meaning you will not need to purchase another dog shock collar soon.

6. Battery Life

Slopehill dog training collar packs a high-quality rechargeable battery that you won’t need to worry about often charging, thanks to the extra-long life. 

Both the receiver and transmitter are IP68 waterproof and have a rechargeable battery. Since the receiver and transmitter are waterproof, they offer your pets maximum flexibility during their outdoor activities.

It also comes with a general USB charging cable that fully charges the two in two hours. After the collar is fully charged, the remote battery will run for a minimum of 45 days, whereas the receiver’s battery will last for 15 days.

7. Security

Slopehill dog training collar has a security keypad lock that prevents the remote from misoperating. The keypad locks ensure your pet remains comfortable by preventing accidental shocks and accidentally inputting any commands.

You can use the keypad to lock the LCD or turn off shock features to use a beep, voice recording or vibration modes. It also has a light mode that is beneficial for tracking your dog’s location in dark environments. 

Pros and Cons of Slopehill Dog Training Collar


  • It can be used with two dogs
  • Can fit the large dogs
  • Adjustable soft PU collar
  • Long wireless range
  • Long battery life and a rechargeable battery
  • Built-in light that makes it easier to see in dark environments


  • Most stimulation levels are not strong enough for large dog breeds.


What Are Other Uses for the Slopehill Dog Training Collar?

a). Problematic Behavior

Some pets have some behavioral problems, and they can’t seem to stop any aggressive behavior. So the only way is for you to make them wear this collar. 

This will help to administer continued correction, and the dog will realize the source of the correction is the barking, which will prevent him from barking more. 

b). Excessive Barking

An electric bark collar will deliver jolts of electricity to your pet when the collar senses your dog has been barking. Unfortunately, some collars wouldn’t prevent the barking, and sometimes this has more to do with your pet’s breed since some are prone to that action. 

You can try using an ultrasonic anti-barking gadget for your pets, and you can allow the collar to punish your pet according to its amount of barking. 

If your pet keeps on barking while the duration, intensity and force remain the same, the electric shock can be increased mechanically. 

c). Protection

The training collar is also perfect for protecting your pet from other animals, risky pets or rotten food. This can also help save other animals from your pets, such as tiny kittens or chickens.

d). Pet-Containment

Most pet parents try to keep their dogs within the property and prevent them from irritating the neighbors, wandering off or chasing other people’s pets and tracking vehicles. The collar ensures obedience and will prevent your pet from going away, getting hurt or causing any problems. 

You will not have to use the invisible fence anymore, thanks to the training collar, and your pet will feel the shock when they try to move past the area you have permitted. With time, the pet will learn that going past a specific area is a no-go zone and leaving the property will result in shock.


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