13 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs To Groom Regularly

Like humans, pets need to groom too. Grooming has several advantages to the owner and the pet as well. Professional groomers’ advice that pets be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks for the maximum and efficient result. Depending on the breed of the pet after 8 to 10 weeks without grooming, the coat may be too dirty and matted to properly clean and maintain. Grooming pets can begin as early as three weeks old. Starting this in right time will ensure the pets grow accustomed to the grooming to avert resistance at an older age, especially the nail clipping and the ear cleaning.

Reasons to Groom Your Pet

  • Wash off Dirt and Smell

Professional groomers use a combination of unique products to bath the pet. These help to discard old hair, dirt, and odor from the skin preventing skin diseases. The bath also allows the groomer to feel the lumps on the skin that may go unnoticed otherwise. In the case of a scorched skinned pet, the groomer should advise on the shampoo and conditioner to use to relieve the skin.

  • Matted Hair

Matted hair is used to refer to densely tangled clumps of fur in your pet’s coat. Matted hair, especially on long haired dogs, can be very uncomfortable. It also provides a perfect breeding condition for parasites not to mention that it is very irritating. Severe matting can cause reduced blood flow due to the excessive pull on the skin. In extreme cases, it may lead to restricted movement and hence deformity. At times, if the fur is heavily matted it is advisable to trim it. However, this should be done by a professional groomer to avoid cutting too deep into the coat exposing too much skin as this may lead to skin burn.

  • Brushing Regularly

Brushing is very beneficial to pet regardless of the breed. It helps remove dead hair, dandruff and if done regularly it helps bring out the natural oils in the pet’s fur as well as spread it evenly on the coat giving it a healthy-looking sheen.

  • Keep Private Parts Clean

Sanitary cleanliness comes highly recommended to good hygiene. Trimming the fur on and around the genitals of your pet helps keep it clean for longer by preventing stool from sticking on it and drying urine quickly from fur. It also helps avoid bacterial infections.

  • Keep Pet Well Cooled

Panting helps dogs lose heat and also allows air to circulate their pads. Long air may hamper these capabilities. Double coating due to occasional brushing may lead to extra layered coats which lead to overheating.

  • Eye Crust

Crusts around the corners of the eyes can be very irritating and result in tears which cause more eye stains and a non-pleasant stench. Sores also tend to develop below these crusts and can only be visible during grooming.

  • Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is paramount during the grooming exercise. Dental diseases can lead to bad breath, reduced appetite, and loss of teeth. If the condition goes untreated, it may cause other severe conditions, like, damage to the pets’ internal organs such as the liver, heart, and kidneys.

  • Anal Gland

Frequent grooming helps to avoid substantial expenses incurred through surgeries as a result of anal glands bursts due to the gland fill up. This cost, notwithstanding, the trauma and pain to the pet are unbearable.

  • Toe Nails

During grooming the pets get nail clipping done to cut back on the long nails that otherwise led to uncomfortable walking styles and may eventually develop to arthritis. Long tool nails may overgrow into the paws and hence result in infections and discomfort.

  • Ears

Hairs deep in the pets’ ear canal also require being removed. This exercise prevents infections that may be expensive to treat surgically not to mention painful and irritating to the pet. Also, it prevents bad odor emitted through the skin.

  • Stronger Bond

Grooming creates a stronger bond between the owner and the pet. This statement is especially true if the pet holder personally performs the grooming sessions –at least by brushing. It also helps the pet to be friendlier and enjoyable to cuddle.

  • Manage Allergies

Grooming pets can control mild allergies. This grooming is helpful as it controls the ragweed and pollen allergies that are as a result of the pets playing outside. The pollens are attached to the pets’ fur and then deposited on the living space. Regular grooming can be used to reduce the allergens and hence led to a happy coexistence.

  • Enjoyable and Relaxing Experience

By regularly grooming your pet it creates a more enjoyable and relaxing experience for your dog. It is considered a good practice and also keeps the pet happy and healthy.

There can be adverse effects of neglecting to attend to your pet by an act of grooming. As cited above, there are numerous advantages to regularly groom your pet either personally or by a trained professional groomer.