dog licking paws remedies

Best Dog Licking Paws Remedies To Use On Dogs at Home

Dogs lick themselves as part of their grooming but when it’s too much it’s a problem. In order to find the right dog licking paws remedies, you need to know what has caused it. You need to examine your dog’s paws carefully before you try any dog licking paws remedies. Ensure you inspect for your furry friend for pieces of glass, or any foreign objects, stickers, or cuts.  If you observe excessive licking of the paws, visit a vet in order to rule out the skin problems by the dog getting tested.

Possible signs your dog is licking its paws

  • Presence of some irritation or redness on your dog’s paws.
  • Your dog’s paws are red or pinkish in color. This discoloration is more evident in dogs with lighter coats.
  • The dog’s paws have a foul smell. This is a possible indication of an open wound with an infection.
  • The dog’s feet are swollen.
  • The dog is limping.
  • There is noticeable blood or scabs on your dog’s paws.

Common Causes of your Dog licking its Paws

1. Boredom or anxiety

Your dog can be licking his feet due to boredom. If you suspect this is the case, come up with a way to distract him. The high energy dogs can become frustrated because of not having anything to do, and engage in excessive licking of the paws.

2. Allergies

As for food allergies, they can show up as skin irritation.  It can be difficult to point out food allergies and often requires assistance from a vet. Food allergies occur when the immune system of your dog overreacts to some of the protein in the ingested food. Foods that contain corn, egg, soy, wheat, or chicken are sometimes common allergens.

For environmental allergies, you discover that your dog licks more after trips outside to the parks or walks. This shows a common reaction to environmental things like grass, pollen, spores, dust mites, or molds.

 3. Fleas

Pests like ticks, fleas, and mites can cause your dog to itch very badly. Normally the itch is on the whole body unless there is an infestation that causes excessive foot licking. Just because you can’t see parasites on your dog, it’s not suffering from them since parasites like fleas can go unnoticed unless there is an infestation.

4. Pain

When you are trying to understand why your dog is licking his paws excessively, ensure you check his body language. Check if there is something that is making him physically uncomfortable. When the dog is licking repeatedly, he could have an injury like a sharp stone stuck in his footpad.

5. Fungal infections

Dogs may also be licking paws when they have a fungal infection. This occurs due to poor dieting or picking up fungi from walks.

6. Dry skin

Winter causes dry skin in dogs. Dogs mostly respond to the irritation by licking and scratching their paws.

7. Hormonal imbalances

If your dog’s body is not producing enough thyroid hormone or putting out too much of the hormone cortisol, superficial skin infections can occur. Bald spots may occur and your dog may scratch as if they have allergies.

The Dog Licking Paws Remedies To Try

1. Put on an Elizabethan Collar

This is a dog paw licking remedy that helps to prevent licking by putting a barrier between the dog’s mouth and the skin. They are also called lampshades or cone of shame.

The best Elizabethan collar for your dog

Original Comfy Cone

This collar is primarily used for helping dogs to recover after surgery. However, it comes with many other complementing uses aside from being a recovery collar. It is a foam-backed padded nylon collar that is soft and cone-shaped when your dog wears it, they won’t be able to reach their paws most of the time. Therefore, if their dog licking is just a bad habit that they have developed, it will take a few days and they will be able to step because every time they try licking their paws with the collar on, they end up licking the collar instead.

dog licking paws remedies collar

Pros of this collar as a dog licking paws remedy

  • This collar is soft to your dog’s neck and won’t hurt it in any way.
  • You can custom fit any dog to wear it no matter their size and weight.
  • It is also water resistant helping it stay dry all the time; wipe with water and soap to clean it occassionaly.
  • It is a tested and approved product by veterinary doctors.

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2. Ointment

A good ointment is one of the best dog licking paws remedies that your dog needs when the paw pads are cracked, dry or they have an injury. Start by putting a bandage over the ointment, distracting your dog so that he does not rip off the bandage. Similarly, a soothing balm is one of the best dog paw licking remedies. Once you apply the balm brush, distract your dog for approximately 10 minutes in order for most of the balm to soak into the skin. Always ensure you choose a natural balm that is safe for consumption for when your dogs lick the paws.

The best paw protection wax for your dog

Mushers Secret Paw Wax

The Mushers paw ointment is an all-season paw balm that protects your dog against heat, sand and snow. This ensures that the paws are not cracked or hurt when your dog is moving around in these conditions. The balm contains beeswax and vitamin E and is free of gluten, nut and soy. This balm works by forming a breathable shield in between your dog’s paws and the hot pavement or snowy and salty grounds. In addition, it absorbs very quickly into the dog’s paws protecting stains from your carpet, furniture and floors. If you love hiking with your dog or taking it outside often; be it in your yard, in the town or anywhere else, this paw ointment needs to always be with you.

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3. Use of a good dog shampoo

Some specific antifungal dog shampoos wash away the allergens, while the natural extracts in them calm and rehydrate the dog’s skin. Several of them are gentle enough for regular use. The first step to take is to consult your vet, to know whether you require a medicated shampoo or not. You will want a shampoo that is made with moisturizing agents, that are free from drying ingredients like soap and alcohol. Once you have selected a dog shampoo as one of dog licking paws remedies, follow the directions on how frequently use it.

4. Toys and treats

Another one of the dogs licking paw remedies can be preoccupying the dog with toys, treats or dental chews, or giving him attention when he begins to lick. This can be a good remedy to cure boredom. You can also purchase interactive toys for the times when you leave him alone and it serves as a good distraction. The ideal way is to fill the toys are with treats that require a lot of work and hence keep him busy for longer periods.

5. Clean Your Dog’s Paws After Walks

Your dog’s paws are likely to collect fungi and other pathogens on walks, so it is wise to clean their paws once you get home. This will help to lessen the pathogens on your dog’s feet and reduce the likelihood of a fungal infection taking place. It is simpler to utilize dog wipes designed to eliminate fungi and bacteria.

6. Flea treatment

For the fleas dog licking paws remedy,  you can buy an effective flea treatment to get rid of the fleas and stop the licking. Make efforts to treat your dog to a flea bath often. Moreover, you can use dip, powder, or a spot-on solution. Ensure that you also treat his living area to avoid re-infestation after the treatment.

7. Use a bitter spray or cream

Coating your dog’s paws with a bitter spray or cream can help to discourage them from licking the paws. Ensure you only use products that are pet-safe products to avoid irritation to your dog’s eyes or nose.

8. Change your dog’s diet

Ensure you assess your dog’s diet and reflect upon the point that their problem might be food allergies. You will have to incorporate a high-quality diet that is exempt from allergens and has a ton of fatty acids, as it benefits dry skin.