do german shepherds shed

Do German Shepherds Shed? 5 Ways to Reduce Shedding

Different dogs shed differently; Some shed all year long while others shed during a certain season. You are probably wondering, do german shepherds shed? German shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the world that shed all year. Different factors can affect how much shedding takes place for any dog. The factors usually include skin allergies, parasites, stress, irritation, dehydration, and mostly a poor diet.

German Shepherds blow their coat twice a year in the fall and spring season but also heavily sheds all year. What does blow their coat mean? This is the period, two times in a year where the German Shepherd dog hugely sheds all the hair. This does not leave the dog hairless but means that the winter fur will shed and the spring fur grows to replace the old coat. During this time, you might notice a lot of hair on your floor, clothes, and furniture. German Shepherds shed their coats to be able to adapt to new conditions. They need little grooming of brushing their coat at least twice weekly but during the shedding season, make sure to rake it to prevent any skin problems from developing as well as keep it comfortable.

1. Ensure the dog feeds on a high-quality diet

The food you give to your dog contributes to how much they shed or not. Most of the time, cheap dog food is made of ingredients that are difficult for the dog’s digestion. For example, grains, corn, colouring, and some chemicals or preservatives. The best ingredient for dog food is one that has the main ingredient as a high-quality protein source. Research shows that protein intake of up to 30% a day is purposely used for the betterment of the skin and coat and so automatically less intake causes the opposite effect.

On the other hand, you can ask your vet for the best supplements to give your dog like the Omega3&6 or feed them fish skin. Alternatively, you can add oils like fish oil, flaxseed, or olive oil to their food. These help in reducing dandruff, calm inflamed skin and smoothen the dog’s coat texture. Another way to feed your dog healthy is to feed them human food like fruits, meat, and vegetables. This should be done in moderation and make sure it is something your dog can consume.

Lack of proper nutrition for your dog causes the dog’s coat to suffer as the small protein he is getting goes to maintaining muscle mass. Proper nutrition might be somehow costly but it promotes a healthy and long life while reducing your dog’s shedding.

If you find yourself asking, do german shepherds shed? Then it might be because you have noticed excess shedding in your dog – start checking the dog food.

2. Regularly Brush your German Shepherd Dog

Brushing your German Shepherd dog does not require a lot of effort and it helps reduce the shedding. Brushing helps to remove any loose hair on your dog giving him a tidy look. A good practice to do is to brush his coat at least 3 times a week. Brushing frequently helps to evenly distribute the sebum on the dog’s skin. You can brush the hair growth line first then when done reverse. It goes without saying that any pet parent should invest in a good brush.

Brushing helps to minimize the baths. Baths are not recommended often as they strip the skin’s natural oils and furthermore damage the hair follicles. However, when you bathe your dog, make sure he airdries or blow-dry him using low heat. A cool bath helps to reduce shedding and bathing your dog gets rid of any dead hair. The best thing to do for a German Shepherd is to create a consistent brushing routine. This will trap the shedding hair on the brush instead of on the hair just falling out giving you more vacuum work.

3. Use shampoos and home-made conditioners

Shampoos are one of the products you can use on your dog. Ensure you are using gentle dog shampoos as the human shampoos can be irritating to their skin. Alternatively, you can purchase hair loss shampoos from your convenience store. The hair loss shampoos are made of supplements like vitamins, omega3&6 fatty acids, and proteins. The presence of these supplements significantly decreases the hair loss and in return promote a healthy coat for the German Shepherd.

Shampoos can also contribute to keeping ticks and fleas away from the dog’s skin. With no presence of ticks or fleas on the dog, the less the dog scratches to reduce the discomfort and hence less shedding. Shampoos plus flea treatments every three months keep a dog healthy and happy.

A home-made conditioner can be a very good addition to your routine. You can make this conditioner using natural ingredients like coconut oil and water. The purpose o this conditioner is to provide natural nutrients to assist in straightening the dog’s hair follicles and keep the coat hydrated.

4. Purchase and use a De-shedding tool

A product your dog will thank you for is a de-shedding tool. This comb is considered one of the best as it can easily reduce shedding. It has instant results as the reduced shedding can be seen with just two uses. A good de-shedding tool brushes your dog’s skin without harming him and takes out the shedding hair. Even with all the de-shedding tools in the market, for the best results, you need to groom your dog daily. We recommend the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool.

5. Provide enough clean water

Ensuring your German Shepherd drinks enough water can reduce the amount of shedding significantly. When dehydrated, dogs shed more than usual because of dry skin. Water is as important to dogs as it is to humans in boosting general health. Dehydration increases shedding and can be extreme and cause sicknesses. During sunny days, you can give your dog ice cubes to cool him while keeping him hydrated. Alternatively, if your dog does not take a lot of water, foods with high water content and frozen fruits such as strawberries can be a healthy way to hydrate.

Do german shepherds shed? In conclusion

Yes, they do. However, German Shepherds can be stressful since they can cause you to vacuum your home quite often. One trick you can use to avoid a lot of vacuuming is spending a considerable amount of time outside with your dog. This allows the shedding to take place outside hence less vacuuming and less cleaning for you at home.